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2 hours: This class was created specifically for pet owners and focuses on the Snout to Tail Wellness Assessment.  It is a systematic approach of assessing your pets that will enable you to establish the baseline of their health.  By knowing what is normal for your pet you will quickly be able to to detect when something is wrong and respond appropriately.  This course covers Pet Emergency Preparedness Tips, Plant & Household Pet Poisons, Assessing Your Pet’s Vital Signs,  The “Snout-To-Tail Assessment”, Assessment Worksheet, and the 5 Components For Optimal Wellness.

2 hours: On the average, pets seven years and older are considered senior "pet-izens" and are at risk for age-related health problems. In Pet Tech's Caring For Your Senior "Pet-izen" class pet owners will learn the risk factors associated with older pets, proper exercise plans, diet and nutritional choices, and the things they should be doing for senior pet-izens to help them achieve the happiest and healthiest life in their golden years. 

2 hours: In this class pet owners will learn how to properly brush their pet's teeth, choose safe toys and healthy food snacks and work with their veterinarian to assure good dental health. Bad breath is not normal and is an indicator of poor oral health that needs be addressed promptly. Periodontal disease is very serious as it will lead to not only mouth pain and tooth loss,  but  it will also damage your beloved pet's heart, liver, and kidneys!

Other Classes Offered

Dog Training: * Basic Obedience * Agility to fun! * Intermediate Obedience * Reactive Rover *

* AKC Classes & Certifications (STAR puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog, Therapy Dog, Community Canine, Urban Canine) * Rocket Recall 101 * Telephone / Zoom consults *

Assorted: * Getting a new dog / puppy * Bringing Home A Shelter Dog * Introducing a New Baby to Your Dog Safely * Dog Body Language * Storm or other Anxiety Counter- Conditioning * Essential Oils 101 : Pet Safety * Herbal Remedies for Pets * Pet Nutrition & Supplements *  Therapy Animal Handlers Class * Rattlesnake Aversion Classes (pain free) * Kids Safety/ Bite Prevention Class *

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Canine and Feline CPR

​Restraining & Muzzling
Rescue Breathing
Choking Management
Snout-to-Tail Assessment
Heat & Cold Injuries

Bleeding & Bandaging

Splinting & Immobilization
Bites & Stings & Snake Bites
 Shock Management
And much much more!!!

Pet Tech Class Offerings

PetSaver™ Training: This is an 8-hour all-inclusive class ideal for all pet owners, all pet care professionals and even first responders. Participants in the PetSaver class learn both Canine and Feline CPR, Emergency Restraining & Muzzling, Rescue Breathing, Choking Management, Heat & Cold Injuries, Poisoning, Bites & Stings & Snake bites, Splinting & Immobilization, Bleeding & Shock Management. Also included are safety and prevention tips, senior pet care, dental hygiene, diet, nutrition & supplements, and the Snout-to-Tail Assessments which will keep pets happy and healthy throughout their life. This class is taught via lecture, power point, demonstration and hands-on skills practice. Students will receive the 40-page PetTech PetSaver handbook and earn a two-year certificate upon completion of this class. When the unexpected happens you will be prepared to take action with confidence and skill! This is a SUPER FUN & hands-on class perfect for any skill level. Lunch will be provided.  ​
​This two hour class is packed with all the information you need to have safe and successful hiking trips with your four legged friends! Students will learn basic emergency necessities for handling a variety of pet emergencies, including: snake bites, poisonous plants, parasites, insect bites, trauma and extreme temperatures. This is a seasonal class offered throughout the year.

What you will learn in Pet Tech PetSaver Class